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I am Juergen Corleis, born 1929 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

In my old country I was sometimes asked if there were two people of that name - one a reporter, the other made television documentaries on contemporary history. As far as I know I am the only journalist in the Corleis clan.

I have also been a press photographer and a foreign correspondent for radio and print media. Presently I am the honorary secretary of the 
Foreign Correspondents Association of Australia and the South Pacific, after serving 11 years on its board in various capacities.

Australia has been my home country since 1981 and I am a dual Australian/German citizen.

Friends advised me that I should include a biography in my web page. If I do this it might spoil the suspense of the exciting story I have to tell. My first book "Always on the Other Side - a journalist's journey from Hitler to Howard's end" is about the contemporary history I experienced. I tried to describe what I witnessed as truly as possible. Reality is always more powerful than fantasy can ever imagine, I learnt.

You will find the essential biographical information in the book - even though I left out most merely private details which would have made it just another autobiography, and a very different book.
Please click on "Books" to find an outline and the register of chapters with some links to related material that you may find interesting.

Juergen Corleis
March 2008

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