Juergen Corleis - journalist

back to "books" "Always on the Other Side"
"a journalist's journey from Hitler to Howard's end"
ISBN 978-0-646-48994-0
 Table of Contents & listing of  "Parts"  I - XII 


Is included with all parts

Part I

Key people: Albert Jaime Grasby, Jerzy Zubricky, Harold Berman, SS General August Heissmeyer, Ltd.Col. Ala Hanbury-Sparrow, Elsa Brandstroem. 

Events: Multiculturalism,  WW2, Hitler visits Hamburg, U-Boat war in Atlantic, Flying bombs on London

Chapter 1

An unexpected visitor


Chapter 2

At a Nazi school

1939 -1945

Chapter 3

Uncle Alan” and Hamburg

1937 – 1939

Chapter 4

My mother

1939 – 1944

Part II

Key people: Prof.Ehrenfried Corleis, Col.Helmut Corleis, General Friedrich Olbricht, Ludwig Bossart, Luise Karoline Auguste Froelich, Therese von Kraft, Thomas de Vogt, Wernher von Braun. 

Events: WW 1, Rise of the Nazis, WW 2. Assassination attempt on Hitler., air raid on Dresden

Chapter 5

My father

1914 – 1945

Chapter 6

Special Unit “PRINZ EUGEN”


Chapter 7

The End of the war


Chapter 8

My family

1933 – 1945

Chapter 9

Lieutenant Joerg Burg


Part III

Key people: Baron Victor von Plessen, Veit Harlan, Wolfgang Count  Berghe von Trips, General Lucius D.Clay, Cornel Berk, Heinrich Luebke, Konrad Adenauer, Wolfgang Abendroth, Erich Lueth.

Events: post war Germany, non fraternisation policy, Control Commission for Germany, London 1947, “Bi-Zone”, land reform, visit of East German delegation to Bonn, student life in Marburg, disrupting Veit Harlan’s film

Chapter 10

Back in Hamburg

1945 – 1946

Chapter 11

Reunited with my mother

1946- 1948

Chapter 12

History in the making

1947 – 1950

Chapter 13

What to study?


Chapter 14



Part IV

Key people: Gisela Jonas, Axel Springer, Klaus-Rainer Roehl, Siegfried Landshut, Fritz Fischer, Ruth Niehaus, Admiral Canaris, Paul Carrell, Peter Ruehmkorf., Wolfgang Graesse, Heinrich von Brentano, Mohamed Khemisti, Jiri Pelican, Ion Iliescu, Pandit Nehru. 

Events: Life in Schwabing, working for “KRISTALL”, Studentenkurier becomes “KONKRET”, World Youth Festival in Moscow, Student seminar in Sinaia, Stalinism in Romania

Chapter 15



Chapter 16



Chapter 17

Ivar Lissner

1954 – 1964

Chapter 18


1955 – 1957

Chapter 19



Chapter 20



Part V

Key people: Si Mustapha= Winfried Mueller, Gestapo chief Heinrich  Mueller, Frantz Fanon, Klaus-Rainer Roehl, Alan Hanbury-Sparrow, Robert Stevenson, Paul Robeson, Prof. Riemeck, Joshka Fischer,  Gerhard Schmidtchen, Elisabeth Noelle-Naumann.  

Events: Budapest after the uprising of 1956, War in Algeria, Foreign Legion, Algerian Liberation Army, Allied “reeducation” of Germany, protest movement, McCarthyism, Race riots in Notting Hill, World Youth Festival in Vienna, student rebellion, Red Army Faction, opinion research by Allensbach.

Chapter 21



Chapter 22

The white man who steals legionnaires


Chapter 22

Back from Algeria


Chapter 23


1955 – 1959

Chapter 24

Ulrike Meinhof

1959 – 1962

Chapter 25

Market Research

1956 – 1964

Part VI

Key people: Reinhard Opitz, Dr. Muenzberg, Heinrich Luebke, Konrad Adenauer, Wolfgang Count Berghe von Trips, President Kennedy, Willy Brandt, Hans-Werner Henze, Che Guevara, Lord Bertrand Russell.

Events: Political police in Hamburg, proposed emergency laws, cold war, “German youth of the east”, Hitler youth, US elections 1964, Edinburgh tattoo. German re-unification.

Chapter 26

Encountering the Political Police


Chapter 27

Clearing my name

1963 – 1966

Chapter 28

Lord Corleis of Hamburg


Chapter 29


1966 – 1968

Part VII

Key people: Dr. Wolfgang Venohr, General Ludendorff, Juergen Thorwald = Heinz Bongard, Hitler, Hermann Goering, Che Guevara, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. 

Events: working for “Stern TV”, “SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”, Prussia is still cherished, Soviet war propaganda, privileged life in Moscow, invention of the rotary engine, Dachau concentration camp, question of German guilt. Assasination attempt on Rudi Dutschke, intolerance in Berlin, Good Friday protests 1968

Chapter 30

Start of a television career


Chapter 31

Ilja Ehrenburg


Chapter 32

Felix Wankel


Chapter 33

Martin Niemoeller


Chapter 34

Rudi Dutschke



Key people: Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Ambassador Betancourt, President Barrientos, Ernst Roehm, General Alfredo Ovando, Ricardo Rojo, Hugo Gambini, President Peron, Nacha Guevara, Roberto Guevara, Phillipp Rosenthal, Wolfgang Venohr, Heinz-Werner Huebner, Hello Weber, Bengt von zur Muehlen, Count Zedtwitz, Berthold Krupp, Paula Corleis, Prof. Marc Ferro. 

Events: Guevaras “Bolivian diary”. Cuban National Ballet. How Che Guevara died, role of US “rangers”. Soviet Union invades Czechoslovakia. President Nixon visits Germany. Osaka world exhibition. working for Chronos-Films, a fake Essen concentration camp

Chapter 35



Chapter 36



Chapter 37



Chapter 38

Tough decisions


Chapter 39


1969 -1970

Chapter 40

Reporting history


Part IX

 Key people: Ambassador Betancourt, Fidel Castro, Walter Scheel, Hubertus Kanus, John Lionel Bandmann, Samuel Bowles, Helga Thomas, Peter Pechel, Michael Roth, Gyorgy Kertesz, Jean-Rodolphe von Salis, President Furgler, Lazar Wechsler. 

Events: recognition of East German “Democratic Republic”, resuming diplomatic relations with Cuba,
“Utopian” society, Education in Cuba, alphabetisation. Working for SFB. Socialist Brigades in Hungary. Language barrier between Germans. Détente.

Chapter 41

The year of the 10 Million


Chapter 42

Political involvement


Chapter 43

With books and guns we change the world!


Chapter 44

Kontraste”: Reporting from Eastern Europe


Chapter 45

The “Paris of the East”

1973 – 1980

Chapter 46

Encounters in Switzerland

Part X

Key people: Gustav Stresemann, Richard von Weizsaecker, George Dreyfuss, Willy Brandt, Ernst Reuter, Helmut Kohl, Lang Hancock, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Claus Hannekum, John Singleton, George Kreuscher, Paul Gapp,  Carolyn Bellamy, Keith Bushnell, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich Mueller.

Events: League of Nations, United Nations, German television, censorship, German reunification,  “Wake up Australia” flight, World Trade Center, New York Fire Brigade, Australia’s Bicentennial 1988.

Chapter 47

German politics

1975 – 1980

Chapter 48

Lang Hancock


Chapter 49

New York


Chapter 50

Southern Cross Television Productions

Part XI

Key people: Mike Lewis, John Howard, Princess Diane, Alexander Downer, Elizabeth II, Charles Anson, Philip Ruddock, Desmond Ball. 

Events: Concentration camps, deportation orders, Hitler-schools, manipulation of news,  Schmonzes,  Sydney 2000, Foreign Correspondent’s Association,
“Illegal immigration”,  9/11/2001

Chapter 51

Bergen- Belsen

Chapter 52

Print Journalism

Chapter 53

Foreign Correspondents

Part XII

Key people: John Howard,  Philip Ruddock, Martin Herz, Sefton Delmer, Hans Fritsche, Josef Goebbels, Hitler, Hermann Goering,Harold Berman.

Events: Guest workers, Immigration policy, Question time in parliament, political education, Anzac legacy, Gleiwitz incident, Tonkin incident, Leaflet propaganda, black Propaganda, Nuremberg War crimes trial, hate.

Chapter 54

Reflecting on Australian politics

Chapter 55


Chapter 56



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