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Ich bin Aglaja Beyes, geb. Corleis, die älteste Tochter von Jürgen Corleis.
Als ich im Januar 2019 erfuhr, dass die Webseite meines Vaters, der 2011 in Sydney verstarb, vom Netz genommen wird, habe ich mich entschlossen, diese Seite fortzuführen.
Als Erbin der Urheberrechte (Copyrights) meines Vaters sah ich es als meine Verpflichtung, die Seite erneut ins Netz zu stellen.
Es wäre schön, wenn die Seite im Laufe der Zeit wächst, bereichert um Artikel, die Jürgen Corleis erwähnen, bereichert um Kopien seiner Werke.
Vieles vom Letzteren ist bereits verloren gegangen. Darum freue ich mich über Informationen von Lesern, die ggf. Zugang zu Artikeln, historischen Fotografien und Filmreportagen meines Vaters haben.
Aglaja Beyes-Corleis
Wiesbaden, 27.01.2019

My name is Aglaja Beyes. I am the eldest daughter of Juergen Corleis.
When I was advised in January 2019 that Juergen’s original website was closing down, I decided to continue it as well as I can. Being the copyright holder after my father passed away in 2011 I saw it as my obligation to keep his web site alive.
I would appreciate if the website grows in the time to come, enriched by my father's articles, historical photographs and documentary films, as well as articles mentioning him.
Unfortunately, much has already been lost. Therefore I welcome any information and hints concerning the whereabouts of Juergen's works.
Aglaja Beyes
Wiesbaden, Germany January 27, 2019

In Memoriam
Site Notice / Impressum

I am Juergen Corleis and welcome to my website.
I hope that you will find it interesting.

I am using it to gather together my experiences as a foreign correspondent, freelance journalist and documentary film maker
during the period from the end of WWII in Europe
through to the end of the Howard government in Australia
Mostly it is support of my new book
"Always on the Other Side - A journalist's journey from Hitler to Howard's end".  A personal  contribution to the contemporary history 
that shaped our social /political world in the last half of the 20th century.
 And the implications it has for the world we face now.

But, I also wanted to make available as much related information as I could and this seems to be the best way. So I am building up pages and links to other sources that might interest you. This will be a work in progress for a long time so please check back often.

March 2008

Juergen Corleis
(1929 - 2011)

19xx... too long ago!

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